SW: 184. CW: 168.8. UGW: 100. HEIGHT: 5'2.
This is a weight-loss blog. My name is not important.

last year, i went on a weight loss routine. it worked great for the first two months. i dropped twenty pounds without much effort. i exercised for 30 - 60 minutes at least four times a week, and ate between 900 - 1200 calories per day. within no time, weight was dropping off of me.

and then when unexpected circumstances hit - i got a nasty cold, my family suddenly had to move, my group of friends completely changed - my emotional and spiritual health suffered. and, as a result, so did my physical health. it started out with simple compromises.

"oh, it’ll be okay if i just skip one day of exercise."

"i can eat this candy bar. it’ll be fine. i haven’t had one in months."

but those little compromises piled one on top of the other and it didn’t take long for two months of hard, strenuous work and dedication to slip completely down the drain. i started a new school that fall, and my eating habits were identical to my old ones. i wasn’t working out. i was eating 1500 - 2000 calories per day. i didn’t mind for awhile; my weight had plateaued. it still wasn’t my ideal weight, but at least it was less than what i’d weighed a few months prior.

but now, a year later, i’m finished with the excuses. i’m tired of “i’ll start next week”-s and “it’ll be fine if i eat this dessert, just this once”-s. i’m tired of putting on old jeans and not being able to pull them up over my waist. i’m tired of feeling inferior to my more in-shape friends. i’m starting over, and i’m taking a different approach. this time, i am not going to become physically healthy, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

i encourage you to do the same. i envision the three types of health as a triangle, and you can’t have them all in balance if you focus on one more than the others. if your physical health suffers, then your insecurities will cause your emotional health to suffer. and if your emotional health suffers, then your depression and self-loathing will cause your spiritual health to suffer. and if your spiritual health suffers, then your lack of mental balance and focus will cause your physical health to suffer. it goes full-circle.

you take time out of your schedule to pencil in a couple hours of exercising, and a perpetual worrying about whether or not you’re sticking to our diet. how about you pay just as much attention to your emotional and spiritual needs? take time to write encouraging quotes in your journal or on your mirror. meditate when you wake up in the morning. write, read, do whatever you need to do to let out your emotions and release built-up stress.

this time, i’m truly making myself healthy. not just my body, but my mind and my spirit. why don’t you do the same?

begin to make it better (by holly henry)

i’m back.